Night School on Anarres

Night School on Anarres: Imaginings of an Anarchist Utopia (2016)
Mixed Media

Night School on Anarres was a temporary school examining utopian proposals of twentieth-century anarchism. Drawing from Ursula K Le Guin’s seminal sci-fi novel The Dispossessed, and focusing on her construction of the fictional anarchist planet Anarres and its language Pravic, children and members of the public were invited to participate in language and social studies classes.

Part sci-fi set, part classroom, part roundhouse theatre, the Night School on Anarres installation was a site where utopic ambitions could be collectively imagined, performed and discussed. Through novel pedagogic approaches, the installation invited participants to learn about the planet's language, customs and behaviours. In so doing, the project encouraged visitors to reflect upon current socio-political models with the hope of collectively imagining alternatives.

Night School on Anarres was commissioned by Kings College London as part of Utopia 2016, a year-long program celebrating the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia. The language and curriculum was developed in collaboration with Dr. Simon Coffey, Dr. Martin Edwardes from the Linguistics Department of King’s College London and Namuun Zimmerman from Common Initiative.

Project in collaboration with Noam Toran & Nestor Pestana.

Stills from 'Introduction to Pravic' educational film. To view the film please follow link.